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For this challenge, I gave myself a 2 hour time limit to research sunglasses brands, create a mood board, download fonts, and begin my style guide. I attached other styles and parts of my design process below.

I originally wanted to keep this brand in black and white colors, sleek typography, and similar to the Sephora brand. However, I came across this color palette and fell in love. I am definitley a sucker for bright, playful brands.

The brand adjectives for Skinfinty included: youthful, sleek, bright, and bold. Skinfinity was the chosen name for this project, because the products (cleansing face wash, solution, and daily moisturizer), were made to give you a youthful look forever (hence, skinfinity and beyond). I wanted to approach is brand in a bright and fun manner, while keeping it professional and almost designer looking.

The S is meant to represent an infinity symbol, and when stacked on top of each other, it is meant to almost look like DNA strands, referring to the natural ingredients used in Skinfinity products.

Take a look at my carousel below or my video that breaks down my design process!

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