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MinCap Land asked me to create a logo and a landing page that represented their work: acquisition and aggregation of mineral and royalty assets. However, as time went on, they broadened their scope and expanded their business strategy to include land and energy opportunities of various types. Since the start of 2021 through July 2021, the website grew 314% in engagement with an average of 180 unique visitors a month.


Happymapp is an app developed by me and my team that is aimed at users with general anxiety and stress. We wanted to focus on busy individuals who don't have time in their schedule for a consistent workout and/or meditation routine. Mindfulness apps exist, but are they enough? Our solution was to design an app that would provide a free platform for users that incorporates grounding techniques (used for stress and PTSD) along with personalized and positive content in a time-limited setting. 


Bruce Family construction reached out for a consultation and web design for their Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas based roofing company. The goal was to connect their hosting platform to a more user-friendly platform via pointing, so that they can edit their material on their own! I was able to do a very basic design for them so that they were able to change it to their liking. After setting up my client's pages and SEO, the company saw over 200% engagement growth over the next 90 days!


Wessels Financial Services, LLC reached out for help in communicating with their current hosting service and developing a mobile friendly design for their clients. After finding the demographic for the website and running some user tests on their current site, I was able to design a wireframe, lo-fi prototype, and style tile suitable for the site. I was also asked to restyle the company logo and business cards to reflect the website. The website is currently still being developed, but I included a prototype here!


Thundering Paws is an Austin, Texas based non-profit focused on finding and providing homes to abused or neglected cats. We were tasked to redesign the website into a responsive, legible, and action-based prototype that could drive more volunteers and donations to fulfill their mission statement. Although the website had a ton of important information, it became our goal to condense that information, make clearer call-to-action buttons, and redesign the user flow.

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Athens Alive! was my first ever design project. Back in 2017, I was tasked to redesign a logo and website for a campaign based out of Athens, Georgia focused on redefining Athens from simply a college town to a more opportnuistic city for young professionals out of college. Although my position did not require any of the UX components, I was still able to research the less obvious demographic in Athens and bring the interactive map to life.

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Pledgejar is an app focused on combating homelessness in Austin, an issue that is well-known amongst Austinites. We wanted to create an easier and passive way for Austin citizens to donate to local homeless nonprofits while also providing them with transparency on their monetary contributions. Through this app, I was able to contribute to logo design, UI strategy, and UX research in order to create a solution for homelessness in Austin.



I was tasked to redesign a government agency website. I decided on one in which I have spent a lot of time digging through (especially during the pandemic): the IRS website. Although the original website was functional, I focused on creating a responsive design that remained authoritative without being intimidating. The main problem we tried to solve was the inconsistency and misleading pathways the IRS website brought our users through in order to complete simple tasks. We wanted to simplify and modernize the design, while creating a seamless user flow.



In this post- pandemic focused app, I wanted to discover a young traveler's main problem when it comes to choosing and planning a destination and itinerary. The first problem that I noticed through user interviews is that most young travelers are working their way up in the business world, and do not have the time to take off work to travel. That being said, when these users do find the time, they must contact their work and plan their vacation days perfectly and far in advance in order to get the most out of their experience within their limited time-off. COVID-19 restrictions has made this difficult with constantly changing guidelines and inconsistent safety regulations. Destinationz was born to ease that stress and reduce uncertainty.

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